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IPPBX & Callcenter

IP PBX & Call Center

The full-featured and cost-effective IP PBX includes all of the components necessary to build a powerful, scalable business phone system. IP PBX is a reliable solution that significantly reduces telephony expenditure and opens up new types of voice connectivity options. Easy-to-manage IP PBX is designed to bring enterprise-grade features to large-and-medium sized businesses. Its web-based administration makes phone system management easy. Since an IP PABX is software-based, it is easier to develop and add additional feature sets and modules.

Best Platform features of this solution are

  Can be use in multiple platform

  IP- Pnone


  Any SIP Phone

  Android Platform

Best Software features of this solution are

  Flexible IVR (Interactive Voice Menu)

  Music On Hold

  Call Queue

  Call Recording

  Call forwarding

  Call conference / Voice meeting

  Call Detail Record (CDR) report

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