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Fast Dialer

About Fast Dialer

Fast Mobile Dialer is a mobile app for Android and other smartphones, offering a range of functionalities like VoIP Calls & SMSs, cross-OS Instant Messaging and much more from data enabled mobile phones (3G/4G or WiFi). For using this app, end users will need an Operator Code, which they can obtain from a VoIP Service Provider. While Service Providers can use this White Label Platform to offer Mobile VoIP services in their own brand.

  VoIP calls over GPRS/3G/4G or WiFi

  Supported codec: G.729, G.711

  Support full functional SIP to SIP call with local and remote ring back tone

  Works behind NAT

  Can bypass any Firewall

  Low bandwidth consumption by customized byte saver solution

  Can bypass SIP blockage

  Smart echo cancellation technique

Features and Benefits of Fast Dialer

  Synchronization with phone contact

  On screen call time display

  On screen balance display

  Call log of incoming and outgoing calls and, can make call from that log

  DTMF support (RFC 2833, SIP Info)

  PLC (Packet Loss Concealment) and VAD (Voice Activity Detection) implemented

For Service Providers

  Fast Mobile Dialer is available in all major OS Platforms and you can fully customize & brand it as per your requirements. For a free trial:

  Visit www.voicelync.com

  Register for a free Demo, with details of your softswitch(IP, Port) & we will send you a Demo Operator Code for testing the app on your own softswitch                  

For End Users

  Operator Code – Collect Operator Code from your VoIP service provider. If the Service Provider is using Voicelync platform, he will be able to provide a valid Operator Code.

  Mobile Number – to be entered with country code.

  Password – Received via SMS / IVR after entering your mobile number.

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