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    for all platforms
  • Class 5 softswitch
    Robust and reliable
    with advanced Business and

    Operations Support System

  • Rich Communication suite

    Complete clients and server ecosystem

The Ultimate Class 5 Softswitch

ProVoipSwitch is the complete IP Telephony platform integrating all the elements
that are required for successful implementation for various VoIP Services,
into one comprehensive solution.

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Calling Card

Pro VoipSwitch offers a secure and flexible prepaid service to start selling physical cards with PIN as well as offering online managed PINless services. ...


Real-time Billing.PIN or PINless dialing / PIN or PINless Calling Cards.Rechargeable Calling Cards / Calling Cards Top up.Calling Card Groups.Speed dial.Quick calling.PiN and PiNless support.Auto PINless for new PIN customers.


The main characteristics of the billing system..Pre-paid and post-paid accounts.Managing users accounts, blocking, setting limits.Automatic accounts (PINs) generator.Managing whole lots of created accounts


Details payments, accounts, call history, performance, quality and many more reporting...

Pro VoipSwitch – An Excellent Revenue Generator Cheaper, Better and Faster

Pro VoipSwitch is a fully integrated softswitch that delivers interoperable communications to VoIP service providers.

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Wholesale VoIP

Pro VoipSwitch supports Simultaneous and transparent support of SIP and H323 protocols with various types of proxy methods e.g. full proxy (with RTP-proxy), signaling proxy and other options, possibility of selecting a proxy method per destination, route or per client.

Business VoIP

Full interoperability with industry standards compatible VOIP equipment with Bidirectional NAT support both for SIP and h323 equipment to enhance Advanced routing system (support for internal virtual prefixes allowing to create separate dialing plans for different groups of customer accounts)


Authorization/Billing part is fully integrated with the softswitch engine into one application what makes the system exceptionally efficient as it utilizes internal billing procedures without having to connect to external systems.

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