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Embrace the most widely accepted mobile messaging technology.

An SMS Gateway With Great Power

CLOUD SMS gateway does more than just send SMS, with delivery reporting and complete management of our Messagebox system .We have dedicated SMS API wrappers to use within our SMS gateway meaning that you don't have to write any complicated, longwinded coding,however for those of you who really want to get into the mechanics we have the documentation available to master our API along with other advanced functions.

Flexible, Reliable, & Easy to Use


Global Connectivity

Benefit from CLOUD SMS direct relationships with global mobile carriers around the world, backed by our geographically distributed infrastructure and industry leading web messaging platform.

Flexible & Scalable

CLOUD SMS intelligent SMS routing system provides a powerful messaging architecture that is scalable to thousands of messages per second. Using bulk SMS you can instantly meet the evolving needs of your messaging requirements.

Easy Integration

We understand that every client is unique. Our industry experience and skilled staff will ensure a seamless integration into your existing infrastructure via an API connection.


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Powerful Features

Features that make us smart

Robust infra

The architecture of our server is designed to scale millions of SMS in a go. We treat every single SMS like it’s the only one.

Gatekeeper servers

Thanks to our gatekeeper servers, we are always prepared for extra traffic in case of sudden spike.

Smart tracking

Keep a track of anything and everything. From sent SMS logs to delivery time to frequently failed numbers and more.


Valuable pricing

While quality comes at a price, our price comes with a reasonability tag.

Varied addons

Play with endless possibilities of sending SMS with a variety of add-ons. Use Excel plugin, Google spreadsheets and more.

Safeguarding privacy

We guard your privacy like a family secret. Our policy is equally enforceable on our staff.


Unique algorithm

Our inimitable algorithm does all the math about time and ensures sure-shot delivery.

Global coverage

We cover 90+ countries, with deliverability to each and every mobile number.

Secure Your Data

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